Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Not to Buy Your Sister-In-Law

On Friday night my boyfriend and I went to the Waterfront to eat at Bravo and visit some of the stores.  His original idea was to see Iron Man 2, but I refused.  The evening was enjoyable, and we both learned a lesson about makeup.

Matthew wanted to buy something in Ulta because his future sister-in-law, Heather, just had a birthday.  He thought it would be a good idea to pick out some cosmetics to send to her in Florida.  I was excited because it would allow me to shop around but not be tempted to buy anything for myself.  Lately I have been spending too much money on blush and eyeshadow.  About halfway through our trip we made it into Ulta.  I looked at some of my favorite brands and then realized that I really don't much about Heather.  Matt's brother has only been dating her for about a year, and they live in Florida.  I have only seen her twice, both at family events, so I never got the chance to say much besides, "Hello." 

As I was looking, I was wondering how I could pick out a cosmetic for someone I barely know.  Also, how could I pick out colors for someone with a permanent tan?  I was about to tell Matthew that I just couldn't do it when he spoke up.  He wondered if Heather would be offended by receiving makeup and skincare products.  I told him yes and we both realized how strange it was to be shopping for makeup for someone esle.  I suggested we look at body lotions, which are much more neutral gifts. 

The day after our shopping adventure I spent a few moments with Matthew's mother at a family party.  I explained to her how Matthew and I realized that it's weird to buy cosmetics for other people unless you know exactly what they want.  She said she wouldn't know, she never wore makeup....thus, I must be Matthew's makeup muse.  Sorry, Heather.  I hope body lotion is okay! 

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