Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Driven to the edge (and into the blogosphere)

So we have a blog... what are we going to do now?

Tonight the Vagabond Literati tried to meet at their usual bookstore but the place was overrun by an elementary school fundraiser.  Literally driven out of our single refuge in podunk, we needed a less tangible place to conspire and critique the world around us.  Thus, we have entered the blogosphere.  (Add that to the list of words you'll never see here again.)

To clarify, the Vagabond Literati have teasingly diverse interests.  Not limited to literature, we are obsessive analysts of anything shallow, movies good and bad, music, makeup, fashion, and sometimes even TV.  One of us has the attention span of a fruit fly so we won't dwell on any topic for too long.

Coming soon: Barbie's New York Summer and the shoe purchase that it inspired...

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