Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flamingoes, Flowers, and Friendship

My Easter vacation this year was two days off from work.  I celebrated by reading two Stephanie (of Full House) books and watching The Baby-Sitters Club movie twice. 

The Full House books were a lot of fun because I remember reading them when they were first released.  I can't remember if I related to the books on a personal level or was just entertained by them.  It was probably just entertainment; I never wrote for the school newspaper or was pursued by a group of popular girls.  The Flamingoes, the popular group in the Stephanie books, was like a sorority.  The members wore at least one pink item everyday and they all had one fingernail that was painted pink.  It sounds like the Pink Ladies to me.  If I was the leader of a pack of giggling girls, I would make them wear floral prints and wear floral-scented perfume.  I just love flowers. 

The Baby-Sitters Club movie is also about friendship (and flowers!), but on a much deeper level.  The friendships in the movie are more authentic and sweet than those in the Stephanie books.  I cry everytime I watch the movie, even when I watch it twice in the same day.  I cry when the club performs the brain rap for Claudia so she won't fail her science test.  I cry again when they celebrate Kristy's birthday in Mallory's parents' cabin.  And finally, I cry at the end of the movie when they present the greenhouse to Mrs. Haberman.  I should mention that this is one of only two movies that always make me cry--the other is William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  In real life I could never handle the relationships presented in those movies. 

So, friendship has been the theme this week.  I wonder what it would have been like to belong to a group like the Flamingoes or the Baby-Sitters Club.  I wonder what they are doing now?!

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