Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away--Go to Mars Instead!

Rain, rain, rain.  There has been a lot of it this week, both in the real world and on Mars (the Mars presented in Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles).  Here on Earth I was surprised to look out the windows of my office and see McDonald's bags and goals/nets from the practice fields flying past.  I thought I would end up in Oz, but the wind wasn't strong enough to send the window frame into the back of my head.  The 86 mph winds were followed by a short but powerful downpour.  The rain wasn't needed or wanted, at least by me.  The planet Mars, on the other hand, needed a drink. 

The rain on Mars was badly needed and prayed for by a man who wants to populate the red planet with lush, beautiful green trees.  Benjamin Driscoll is a self-proclaimed Johnny Appleseed--except he isn't planting just apple trees.  He wants all kinds of trees to grow on Mars.  Because breathing is just a bit difficult on Mars, he hopes that the trees will give him and other Americans coming to the planet more fresh air.  After riding around on his motorcycle and spreading some seeds, Driscoll experienced an ecstatic rainfall.  The trees grew and prospered.  Mars must have wanted them just as much as Driscoll.

I don't know how long these trees will last.  Will they still be verdant when I pick up my book tonight?  Will they still be standing by the last page (pg. 182, that is)?  I hope so.  Mars could use some greenery.  Come on Bradbury, you haven't disappointed me yet! 

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